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People have been saying they like the guitar pick necklace that I wear around my neck everyday. It’s a maroon pick with a star emblem on one side, and an album cover on the other side; it carries a lot of meaning for me artistically. For one, it’s a legendary piece of band merch from the singer, my friend, Chloe Kohanski. She was the first musician I photographed, performing back in 2016 at a venue called The End in Nashville. That show was essentially the beginning of my overall body of work. So I wear the pick because it reminds me of music photography, one of my first creative outlets.

I love working with musicians—creating press photos, album covers, and editorials. I’ve been to a ton of shows over the years, but I’ve only been on one short tour with the Districts. My relationship with music has influenced my most ambitious project to date: a four volume book series titled Pom Poms. The ongoing series is a vast and voracious embrace of experience—all within the DIY music scenes of Nashville, Philadelphia, and New York. It focuses not only on the musicians performing onstage, but mainly the relationships observed in the crowd. It is a chronicle of my twenties and an extended ode to the world of underground music.

List of Works

1. Chloe, New York, 2023
2. sweet93, New York, 2023
3. Knifeplay, Philadelphia, 2021
4. Tarune, New York, 2022
5. Tarune No. 2, New York, 2022
6. itg.url, New York, 2023
7. May and her set list, New York, 2023
8. The Dare and Angel, New York, 2022
9. Godcaster, New York, 2023
10. Small show, Philadelphia, 2019
11. The Districts, North Carolina, 2019
12. Rob, North Carolina, 2019<