Pom Poms Vol. 2

Pom Poms is a collection of photographs of American DIY music scenes between 2016–2020. It translates music photography into fine art by observing relationships in the crowd, rather than just the live performances onstage. This approach highlights, not only the music, but the romance of the music scene during a steadily vibrant time. Young people are seen in art houses, basements and commercial venues, giving shape to an underground culture worth remembering. All of the images are captured candidly, making up a true slice of Nashville and Philadelphia during the 2010’s. The title, which often refers to large tufts used by cheerleaders, is used to represent concert-goers. Touching on the theme of audiences, “Pom Poms” is also used as an acronym for “pictures of many people of music scenes.” The collective work in both volumes is characterized by romanticism and high-spirited tones, producing an eccentric, dreamy world. Ultimately, with all its youthful moments, Pom Poms urges the question: How does music bring people together?

© 2021 Marcus Maddox

Fine Art Representation

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